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Mr. Watts has written patent applications for a wide variety of technology including improvements to:

  • commercial and residential air conditioning units
  • head exchangers
  • refrigerant management systems
  • heat pump water heaters
  • air conditioning defrosting systems
  • furnaces including premix furnaces, burners, condensing furnaces, and gas packs
  • recovery wheels
  • air-conditioning and HVAC controls including temperature controls, ventilation airflow rate controls, recovery wheel controls, and chilled beam control systems
  • chilled water piping systems
  • pump modules
  • economizers
  • dehumidification systems
  • hybrid vehicle transmissions
  • vehicle suspension and frames
  • excavation equipment
  • hydrogen handling and dispensing systems for hydrogen-powered vehicles
  • battery chargers
  • electric vehicle chargers
  • foil transformers
  • aircraft controls including computer software and runway incursion alerting systems
  • railroad car tracking systems
  • intervascular devices including guidewires, catheters, and stents
  • skateboards
  • firearms
  • springs
  • wound coverings
  • hydraulic devices
  • vacuum systems
  • handles
  • drywall tools
  • linkages
  • pumps
  • architectural panel systems and supports
  • fluid connections
  • healthcare management software
  • computer supports
  • surge protectors, power strips and attachment mechanisms
  • wind energy equipment and wind farms
  • software that edits text and other content
  • mobile phone applications
  • prepaid card loan mechanisms
  • social networking
  • methods of selling insurance; and methods of completing payment transactions
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