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Mr. Watts has experience in a wide range of mechanical, electrical, and software technologies and business methods which includes the following areas:

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, systems, and controls, including refrigeration components, heat exchangers, furnaces, chilled water systems, energy recovery devices, combustion enhancement devices, efficiency improvements, pollution reduction and energy saving enhancements, evaporative coolers, and dehumidification systems.
  • Automotive and aerospace including hybrid vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, hydrogen refueling stations, electric vehicle chargers, gas turbines, internal combustion engines, avionics, TCAS, excavation equipment, and vehicle suspension.
  • Power systems including solar electric and solar heating systems, wind turbines, hydroelectric turbines and generators, gas turbines, bio fuel production equipment, transformers, switchgear, transmission lines, power metering and monitoring, and controls.
  • Software and internet systems including mechanical equipment control and monitoring, e-commerce, business methods, search methods, payment systems, pricing strategies, gift recommendation, computer resource allocation, mobile banking, data processing, social media, and digital content distribution systems.
  • Medical devices including intravascular devices, stents, guide wires, catheters, artificial joints, cancer treatment equipment, wound coverings, and medical practice management and payment systems.
  • Water distribution equipment including pumps, gates, valves, aqueducts, dams, pipe, tanks, strainers, meters, and pipe monitoring systems and repair methods.
  • Computer peripherals and electronic devices including mobile phones, surge protectors, USB hubs, cables, wireless controls, displays, A/V equipment, speakers, and supports, chargers, cases, and battery packs for electronic devices and computers including laptop computer and hand-held devices.
  • Sporting goods including rock-climbing equipment, skateboards, scooters, personal protective equipment.
  • Various other equipment and systems, including waste treatment and disposal systems, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, fire systems, cranes, engine generator sets, firearms, fuel storage tanks, compressors, electric motors, and variable-speed drives.
Allan Watts